Danals Education Solutions offers the following services to districts in the creation of student-support systems that will withstand change and increase staff capacity and student success:

Coordination of Services

  • Coordinate special education and Section 504 evaluations, from referral to eligibility determination.
  • Monitor development/implementation of required documents to align with current state and federal guidelines and best practices, as well as coordination of related services.
  • Provide guidance regarding special requirements specific to students with disabilities, e.g., English Learner supports, student discipline.


  • Review delivery systems to assess compliance with state and federal guidelines and adherence to best practices, providing recommendations to address identified areas of concern.
  • Assist with implementation of Corrective Action Plan as required by sponsor organization or Office of Exceptional Children.
  • Provide ongoing communication to district Board of Directors regarding status of special education department, identified needs and recommendations.

Audit Preparation

  • Assist in preparing for sponsor, Office of Exceptional Children, and FTE reviews.
  • Review student files, specific to type of audit being conducted.
  • Provide recommendations for pre-corrections to increase compliance.

Professional Development

  • Facilitate learning sessions for various audiences including topics such as
    • Using data to drive instruction
    • Aligning Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs)
    • Special Education 101 for nonpractitioners
    • Understanding Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Provide mentoring to Intervention Specialists to hone skills in identified areas.