solutions built to last

Danals Education Solutions was created with the belief that education, simply put, is our collective future. Ben Danals is an educator and administrator with more than two decades in systems supporting individuals with disabilities. His experience working with education teams led to his belief that we build capacity in all our educational practitioners by instilling a shared meaning in our work and a commitment to action.

Too often, the systems to support students in districts are dependent on the people who created them; they work if the people who developed and implemented them drive all aspects. However, when the creators move on, systems lose their efficacy, eventually stopping altogether.

Danals Education Solutions supports districts in the design of student-support systems that will withstand change. They are built for success independent of who’s driving them; team members might change, but the system continues to thrive. As staff capacity increases through consistent, ongoing professional development, student success increases as well.

Change is not instantaneous. It comes with the shared commitment to implementing strategies that have been researched and align with practices known to produce the results a district seeks. It comes with regular data monitoring of student progress and having hard conversations about what that data are telling us. It comes, more often than we’d like to admit, from trial and error.

Change – and success – also come from remaining committed to the deep-seated belief that all students deserve the best we have to offer each and every day. Because at the end of the day, their education is our collective future.